"Maui, demigod of the wind and sea, you will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the heart of Te Fiti." - Moana Maui was such a beautiful island, and we had a great vacation there. It was enjoyable to have a relaxing vacation that wasn't full of sightseeing or a stacked schedule. … Continue reading Maui


We had an awesome beginning to our vacation in Paris and were excited to end our adventure in Rome. After five nights in Paris, we flew to Fiumicino Airport from Charles de Gaulle to enjoy five nights in Rome. For planning information, see my post on Paris. I followed reviews and ratings on for choosing our … Continue reading Rome


Ah, Paris, the city of love and romance (and more importantly, baguettes). Paris is truly beautiful and full of history and culture. We thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Parisian life for a week and can't wait to go back. Planning: Through a little research, I found that it was most cost-effective for us to bundle our vacation … Continue reading Paris